Linked Double Crochet Tutorial (LDC)

I am still finding new techniques for crochet!
This one is called linked double crochet.
This one looks useful because it reduces the gapes in between double crochet stitches.
Like most crochet stitches it’s easy once you know the steps!

Crochet With Passion

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I was first introduced to the Link Double Crochet stitch in the pattern book “Crochet You Way” when I crocheted a sweater a few years ago. If you like the height of the double but you do not want the spaces in between the stitches, then the Linked Double crochet is a stitch you will want to master.

The Linked Double is a great stitch to add to stitch database. It is the same height as the traditional double crochet the difference being is that it is linked at the center of each post. This enables you to get the same height, eliminating the gaps that you often have with double crochets. It is made the same as a double crochet but we are just chaining one step.

**Linked Double Crochet Tutorial:**

I am starting with a base row of 10 single crochets.

Note: You do not have to use…

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