More about me.

One of my crocheted bracelets.

Since I decided to try this blog, I have neglected introducing myself.

My name is Cathy and I love crafts.

The first skill I learned was sewing.  I remember trying to make doll clothes as a little girl.

Soon after that I learned how to embroider. I think I was about ten years old at the time. A teacher in grade school taught us and gave her students a little square to embroider and keep.  I still have mine, after 50 years!

The sewing was more important, since I made a lot of my clothes and even some things for my sons and husband. Of course sewing came in handy for curtains and such around the house.

 Eventually I taught myself to crochet and knit in that order.  Other crafts followed like quilting, scrap booking, bead and wire jewelry making, soap making and candles.

I have to say I lean toward crochet as can be seen from my  Pinterest boards.

So right now I am involved in making crochet jewelry and perhaps I can share some ideas with you.

The picture above is one of my designs for a simple stitch which looks like macrame.  It’s called lobster stitch or Romanian cord lace.

I made two separate lengths of lobster stitch,  folded each and attached the heart button at the folds .                                                                                                                           The ends are then connected to a toggle clasp.                                                                               This can be done with doubled lengths of lobster stitch  as in the photo.  You could also  make one length and sew the button or other accent in the center.

I call these my “Have A Heart” bracelets.

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