Jody Pyott – Breath Tutorial

This tutorial took my breath away! Just had to say that.😊

Crafty Threads and Yarns

This tutorial has been created following the kind permission given by the designer, Jody Pyott. To purchase Jody’s patterns to get access to her graphs please visit her Ravelry shop or visit Jody’s Etsy shop


The first thing I did was count the number of stitches in each of the pattern pieces. On page 7 of the pattern there is a diagram of how the pattern goes together. I took each section in turn and added together the stitches for each of the pattern pieces for that particular section plus an extra stitch at each end and wrote the number down beside each section as per the attached photo.


The blanket is worked from the bottom up and the graphs are read from right to left.

Abbreviations:  Popcorn stitch (PS) and Single Crochet (SC)

Popcorn Stitch – can either be done in double crochet or single crochet…

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