Lace spiral coaster

Unique design. The designer uses thread but encourages scaling up. I think I will try dk weight yarn for a hat by adding a brim.

Cult of Crochet

OK so a coaster isn’t exactly the most awe-inspiring use of crochet but I’ve been out of the game for a while – baby steps people, baby steps….

I’ve seen many different instructions for this kind of spiral pattern and I tried a few but they didn’t seem to work out properly so I started from scratch and came up with my own method that produces a nice flat piece of work. I used crochet thread and a 2.5mm hook but there’s no reason you can’t scale it up.

In the time I’ve been away WordPress have added a feature that shows me where all the people who view my blog are from. I’ve discovered that the vast majority of you are in America (Hello!) and so I’ve been reconsidering my use of English crochet terms. As an experiment, this pattern is written in American crochet terms. If you have a strong preference…

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