Lace spiral coaster

Unique design. The designer uses thread but encourages scaling up. I think I will try dk weight yarn for a hat by adding a brim.

Cult of Crochet

OK so a coaster isn’t exactly the most awe-inspiring use of crochet but I’ve been out of the game for a while – baby steps people, baby steps….

I’ve seen many different instructions for this kind of spiral pattern and I tried a few but they didn’t seem to work out properly so I started from scratch and came up with my own method that produces a nice flat piece of work. I used crochet thread and a 2.5mm hook but there’s no reason you can’t scale it up.

In the time I’ve been away WordPress have added a feature that shows me where all the people who view my blog are from. I’ve discovered that the vast majority of you are in America (Hello!) and so I’ve been reconsidering my use of English crochet terms. As an experiment, this pattern is written in American crochet terms. If you have a strong preference…

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Baby Bunny Hat

Cult of Crochet

This hat is going to be part of a set with some booties for an as yet unborn baby with unknown gender – so it’s white (and sparkly) because that probably would be fine for either a boy or a girl. I used DK yarn and a 5mm hook which makes the hat quite light and airy.


I have literally no idea how big a baby is so I used this wonderful website of baby sizes to make it (hopefully!) the right size. If you get the same gauge as me and follow the instructions exactly then the finished hat should measure ~38cm (15″) in circumference and 15cm (6″) long (before being turned up) which the website says is the size for a baby 3 – 6 months old. I decided to go for one size up from newborn as it’s better to be slightly too big as the…

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Easy Crochet Project : Double Thick No-Burn Hot Pad

Nice and quick idea for useful items. I will make some for myself but will also make great gifts for others.

Live Well Utah

Author – Margie P. Memmott

Easy Crochet Project : Double Thick No-Burn Hot Pads.Have you ever wanted to learn how to crochet? Or have a child who is needing a fun and useful hands-on project? These double thick no-burn hot pads are a great way to learn!

Hot Pad Supplies:

Crochet hook (size G), and four-ply cotton yarn (2-2.5 oz. skein). One skein makes one hot pad. Use two skeins (same dye lots) for matching set. Finished size: approximately 8” square.


Chain 30 stitches and turn.

Row 1, front side: In the 2nd chain from the hook, single crochet in the back of the stitch. Continue this single crochet stitch to the end of the row. Chain 1 and turn.

Row 1, back side: Single crochet in back of both the stitch on the current row and the row directly below. Continue this single crochet stitch all the way back to the beginning of the row. Chain 1…

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Free Crochet Pattern – Easy iPhone Sleeve

Roses n Lilies

Here is a sample of some of the iPhone sleeves I have made, to give you a little inspiration. They were all made using my free pattern.  The pattern is very easy, and you can use any yarn you choose.  An experienced crocheter will whip this up in a very short time.  It would also be a great first crochet project for a beginner.
Why not grab some yarn and give it a try.  🙂

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How to Make Shamballa Bracelets

Make My Day Creative

Hand tied with semi precious stones Hand tied with semi-precious stones

I had a really good response to this post on some shamballa bracelets I made.  So I thought I would do a how to post to show how they are made.

If you like this bracelet, you can win it now in my current giveaway!  Also keep an eye out for similar items in my shop soon…

Supplies Supplies

You will need:

  • 9-11 beads size 8-12mm
  • 2 smaller beads (6-8mm)
  • 30cm nylon thread, 0.8mm thick
  • 1m plus 60cm nylon thread, 1.2mm thick

Check you can thread the beads onto the thin thread before you begin!

The bracelet is made by tying a series of “square” knots around the central thread.  To begin, tie a knot at the end of the short, thin thread around a safety pin and pin it to something like a cushion to hold it in place.  This is the central thread.


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Free Pattern: Reversible Shell Baby Blanket

The Piper's Girls

Vintage Crochet

I posted a picture of this very vintage looking crochet baby afghan that Jeanette was working on on the blog a while ago. Since then I have been bombarded with requests for the pattern. So here you go! The PDF is below, I hope that many of you will make it an enjoy it very much! We made ours with Karabella Lace Merino yarn and would be happy to sell you some if you need.

Reversible Shell Baby Blanket Pattern

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