Tutorial for Boho Sling Bag, Part Two

Part two of the groovy boho bag. Great detailed instructions.

The Destashification Project

1.  Almost a Boho Sling Bag

Part One Here

So now the bag looks almost like a bag… just a few more seams…

The base or bottom of the purse is the next section. (Full size pattern can be downloaded here)

2.  Two bases

Cut out two fabric bases, one of the lining and the other of the outer fabric as shown in Photo2. (It is fine if they are both the same fabrics!)

To give the purse some structure – so it doesn’t just lie flat – the lining  portion of the purse base will have a three layers.

Cut another base from an old (but clean) washcloth, an old towel, a small piece of batting or felt and another one from another piece of scrap fabric. This fabric will not show, so it does not have to coordinate at all.  It does help if it is a light color – as a stitching line will…

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