Boho Sling Bag Tutorial

Love this bag! Whether it’s made with several fabrics or one piece, the results truly are groovy boho.

The Destashification Project

Boho Sling Bag Boho Sling Bag

Patchy Boho Sling Bag Patchy Boho Sling Bag

The Boho Sling Bag – plain or fancy.  A sewing project for everyone – regardless of their sewing pedigree or experience!

The Boho Sling Bag seems to be fairly popular among those that could form the next generation of needle-artists.  It would make a great first project to start their sewing careers!

This Tutorial starts with the “plain” bag.  The few extra steps required to create the Patch Bag are found here.

Select Fabrics Select Fabrics

Just a few items are required to make the Boho Sling Bag.  Some fabric, a sewing machine, thread, scissors, and an iron.

About the fabric:  I have a HUGE STASH of fabric (thus “The Destashification Project”), but if selecting fabrics require purchase, here are some suggestions.

Boho Bag Pattern Sketch Boho Bag Pattern Sketch

The purse requires four of the pieces shown in the pattern sketch.  The pattern sketch is drawn on a…

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