Tutorial of the green & yellow flower pin

I often see projects for crochet flowers which can be used to accent many items. However I haven’t been seeing many patterns for fabric flowers. I used to have a pattern I used for brooches but I like this one even more! Maybe someone else can also appreciate it.

Crafty Beats

It has been almost 1 year since my last picture tutorial. I’m not sure if I have “recorded” all neccessary steps.

Click the pictures for bigger version.

1. Use color pencils & sketchbook to design the color theme. It’s easier to do so with the available fabric scraps around. The petal color is considered as the top. As for my design, the light yellow fabrics would be on the top and the dark green on the bottom.

2. Make the template….with my pepper bottle. ^^ It would be better if there is a pair of compasses…or a printer. But I’m lucky enough to find something fit my scraps. Most of my scraps are 2 inch squares. Here is the pattern. Resize as you want.

3. Cut the template out. It is possible to draw a circle directly on the fabrics without such a template (but with the bottle), even…

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